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Love is...xkcd?

So because I've been kind of very upset at Sam lately, I decided that I needed a reminder of why I'm hopelessly enamored with him.

From June 19th:
supermoo501 (12:34:34 AM): wait
supermoo501 (12:34:41 AM): before theres any more real converstation
supermoo501 (12:34:52 AM): have you seen the xkcd from like a week ago
supermoo501 (12:35:01 AM): look at 435 right now
supermoo501 (12:35:06 AM): its fucking gorgeous
supermoo501 (12:35:09 AM): i love it
supermoo501 (12:35:16 AM): LOVE IT
supermoo501 (12:35:24 AM): LOOK AND ANSWER BACK SOON
supermoo501 (12:35:29 AM): CUZ IMA KEEP TYPING
supermoo501 (12:35:35 AM): TILL YOU AKWOLEDGE IT
I'm out of high school.

I'm a college student.



Stupid little bitch

My neck looks and feels like its been mauled by some sort of rabid little bitch. I just might have to kick his ass.

And the worse part is, I'm seeing Leal today.




The college process has turned me into a Kirby.
raspberrylust929 (3:28:00 AM): there are worse emo kids
raspberrylust929 (3:28:05 AM): i go to school with them -___-
DarkDestinyLight (3:27:32 AM): lulz
DarkDestinyLight (3:27:36 AM): hunter community college
raspberrylust929 (3:28:23 AM): we're not a community college ~sob~
raspberrylust929 (3:28:29 AM): we are a senior college T_T
raspberrylust929 (3:28:35 AM): with a 4yr program T_T
raspberrylust929 (3:28:41 AM): and and T_T
DarkDestinyLight (3:28:08 AM): of course Val
DarkDestinyLight (3:28:10 AM): *pat pat*
raspberrylust929 (3:28:56 AM): ~sobs under covers~